Thursday, 23 March 2017

4 Trips in one day

We’ve been walking for 4 hours!!! From Oud Metha – Union. You know how many bus and metro stations we passed, 5 metro stations and countless bus stations!!! We really want to explore Dubai. And this is our first blog for Dubai. And we have a goal to finish all tourist sports in Dubai before jumping to next plans. J

Oud Metha is where we can locate the St. Mary Church and we go there first before starting our journey. Then we start our journey from oud metha to fahidi to Bur Dubai – Al Ghubaiba – Old Deira – Baniyas Square – Union. See? We really did it! And it’s good to walk and explore if you can because that’s the time you can realize and experience every each little detail about the place. J

We really don’t know where we are going. And we just decided after church. We are looking for something and with the help of Google map, there we found it!

We walked and walked and walked until we reached the place of all Indians in Dubai, the Bur Dubai and Fahidi. We stopped in many stores and that place I saw all the cheapest stores of all time in Dubai. All dresses, households, cosmetics, stationaries, shoes, slippers, etc from 1Dhs to 10dhs. Amazing!!

When we reached Bur Dubai, there’s one thing we want to do, to ride the 2dhs boat on creek side from Al Ghubaiba – Old Deira for at least 15 minutes ride. And if you want to go back you can ride again total of 4 dhs.

Please watch this video so that you can understand everything I said. Haha

We really enjoyed what we’ve done. The tiredness of our feet and so many sweats released, it’s all worth doing for. Haha
Believe me, try it and you will experience the other side of Dubai! J
Xoxo, Mi amor 💕


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