Friday, 24 March 2017

Bar Hop!

Supposedly this is just a hang out at my uncle’s place and well, it turns out after hanging out at his place, Me, Aris, Ate Angel and Uncle Rino decided to go out around 1am to go to a bar.

We are just in Al Jafiliya, so we decided to go to Chelsea Hotel where you can find 4 different types of club; the Indian/Arabic Club – chill place, pool area and acoustic jam, the Russian bar – well, loud and disco, the Filipino bar – all about singing and dancing, and the Western bar – same theme with the Filipino bar. But unfortunately, we didn’t like any of it and still the time is up, we decided to change the plan.

We went to GGCO and we decided to visit first the Irish Village. According to Ate Angel, a cool place to chill; it was our first time to go there and we perfectly like it! The Irish style lounge, chill place to stay and super duper Irish music playing around the open bar. J They are open around night – 2:30 am.

After Irish Village, we went to Le Meridien Hotel where you can locate a club/bar/lounge place beside the hotel. Cool place also to take time to relax! Omg at the middle of the night and morning we are experiencing new styles of clubs, bars, pub and lounges! J
Tips: You can’t enter to a club wearing open shoes and shorts L Semi casual is the requirement!

We settled at our last bar because it is already 3 am and almost all of the bars are closing at this time. We finished our extra strong beers and ladies drinks.

Well, hangover strikes at work! Haha J

Xoxo, Mi amor 💕


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