Friday, 24 March 2017

Burj Al Arab / Jumeirah Kite Beach

Jumeirah Kite Beach is known for kiting area and only allowed if the weather is good and open beach where you can swim form 8am-Afternoon; night swimming is not allowed. Once the red flag is on top you are not allowed to swim and wait until the yellow flag is raised because that is the sign that is safety already and approved by the life guards.

Burj Al Arab is the only 7star hotel in the world and that’s why if you are in Dubai you really need to take a picture with it and share! J

Along the Jumeirah Kite Beach there is a runway for jogging area for about ____km, from Kite Beach to Burj Al Arab. Mostly people who are there is up from 4am until noon to jog. You can also see a beach rest house in the other side of the runway. Really, the ambiance, weather and cool breeze from sea and wind is super relaxing.



When you get nearer towards the Burj Al Arab, you can also see on your way the beach restaurants, Salt, Food trucks and other cute hippie restaurants. You can chill during afternoon to night because they will open around that time.

We went there to jog only and that’s the first time we went in that area and it amazed us because of the cleanliness and nature tripping adventure inside the city area! J We leave our place around 6 am and we arrived around 7:30, too long hour of travel not because it’s traffic or far but because there’s so many bus stops along the way.
Travel Guide:
  • Ride a bus: Bus number 88 – International City (5dhs)
  • Stop to Bus station before Umm Suqeim- if you want to start your jog at the end line
  • Stop at Bus station Umm Suqeim if you want to direct stop in Burj Al Arab where you can find the starting line of the jogging runway.
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