Friday, 24 March 2017

Dubai Desert Safari

Middle East is known for its desert place and amazing sands. Desert Safari is one of the things to do in Dubai if you are here. Desert sand is one of the other sides of the world. You really need to experience it whatever nationality you are because it is worth paying for! Haha J

We planned this adventure for almost a year because we are making sure that the weather is good. You must visit the safari in a average weather – not too cold and not too hot; mid season of winter and summer. Because in Dubai there are only 2 season, winter and summer. Half of the year is summer and other half is winter. It’s good to visit safari in mid-season because it is not rainy season, the sands are not fail, you can enjoy the cool breeze of wind with a sun and you can do all activities on the safari camp.

Mostly offers of the desert safari packages are the ff:

  • Unlimited drinks (Tea,Softdrinks,coffee,water)
  • Veggies and Non-Veggies food
  • Chicken BBQ / Fish
  • Camel Riding
  • Dune Bashing
  • Belly Dancing show/Tanoura/Carnival Show
  • Henna Painting
  • Shesha Hubble Bubble
  • Arabic Traditional Costumes
  • Sand Boarding
See? You can really enjoy all of this if you pick a good weather. J

Foods? Well, for me I’m not a fan of Indian and Arabic foods. Most of the foods served are like that. So I know already ahead of time that’s why I bring my own snack and food. Haha J
If you are planning to go, just check our vlog so that you know what you’d expect J

Travel Guide:
  • There's a travel agency in each camp site. You cannot go directkly. Book first and check all of there promos. *If you want to save
  • Travel agency we know: Royal Adventure
  • Super cheap promo we avail is 65 dhs.
  • Pick up and Drop up policy, so It’s all in service.
  • Then they will instruct after booking J
Xoxo, Mi amor 💕


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