Friday, 31 March 2017

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Canal is one of the newest top attractions in the city. It is long canal on Creek located from Al ghubaiba creek side until the end of the Marina.

If you really want to see and experience the Dubai Canal, you can try in middle part of the canal located at Business Bay. It is nice to go there from 4pm – until night because of the cool wind and city lights at night. J

For now, Dubai canal is still not 100% finish. They are still constructing some minor parts, the parks and picnics area. If you want to relax and think freely, I recommend that you will stay for an hour in Canal and you will be relieved J
Phone charger outlets are available, benches and Free WIFI! J

Ferry is available in Dubai Canal, you can start from Al Ghubaiba – Marina or Business Bay – Marina that costs from 15dhs-75dhs. it depends on your route and you can stop in each ferry stations. J
 Travel Guide:
  • Metro Station - stop at Business Bay Metro Station (UAE Exchange lane)
  • Exit 2 - turn left
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