Friday, 24 March 2017

Dubai Global Village 2016

Global Village is one of the hottest attractions in Dubai during winter season. Every year they will offer new attractions in one place all over the world. This is open from November – March as long as winter season. You better not missed the chance to visit this place if you are in Dubai during this season!

This is made for all those people who wants to experience and travel all over the world. Each country has its own trademarks and Global Village achieved all trademarks and known tourist spots of the world.

For me this is second to Disneyland, why? Because it is also one of the magical place on earth. You will experience all cultures, tradition and people who are living with that country because inside each booth has many activities, souvenirs and local foods.

It will take time to tour and enter each booths because the area super spacious. Just take at least 5-7 hours of walking and strolling if you want to check each palace, resto and buildings.




All of the employees are mixed and have different nationalities. But the bosses/management team is all Local Residents in Dubai. So still, careful in your actions and rules are applied.



Almost all 7 continents of the world are there, the luxury, high fashioned designs and tradition made souvenirs are extremely high standard in terms of tourism. Two thumbs up for the knowledge, efforts and time to the people behind Global village as one of the most awaited tourist spot during winter. J

Travel Guide:
  • Al Ghubaiba Bus Station - bus number 103 or 104 (20dhs)
  • Al Jafiliya Metro Station Sea Side --  bus number 104 (20dhs)
  • From both Al Ghubaiba or Jafiliya – direct route to Global Village
  • Entrance fee: 15dhs
  • Global Village – Jafiliya Metro Station/Ghubaiba Bus Station (20dhs)
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