Friday, 17 March 2017

Kalsangi, Dole Polomolok GSC

Dole, Philippines. The little baguio in Region 12.

Kalsangi is a private place in Polomolok, South Cotabato who can only enter to this club are those people who are working under Dole. The productions of this company are Bananas and Pineapples – fresh and canned goods.  Too many pine trees and relaxing field full of fresh pineapples.
 Dole, Polomolok is the main branch of all Dole products. It’s far from the city. Around 1hr and 30minutes drive. Inside of the place has golf club, swimming pools, villas for the employees, school for the employees children from Nursery to High School which is one of the highest standard school in Region 12, and there is club house for all those people who are members and employees. J

Luxury is big thing!  haha

Travel Guide: Ooopsss.. It's private! You need someone you know so that you can go inside :)



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