Friday, 17 March 2017

Sanchez Peak | General Santos City

We’ve been planning this like forever. We and our friends really love to enjoy outdoor activities. And this is one of our extreme adventures. The Sanchez Peak is one of the well-known tourist spots in our city. You can locate this place at Brgy. Conel, General Santos City, Philippines and owned by Sanchez family. This activity is super cheap and I know you can afford it.

We started our trip around 2:00 PM and we reached Brgy. Conel around 3:00 PM. We started our trekking when we arrived. And it feels like no ending hills and forests. You really need to use a trekking shoes and comfy dress and BRING LESS THINGS!! We prepare our things like we will stay for a week but honestly we will just stay 2 days and 1 night. Haha

And if it is your first time to go there, you really need a guide, a person who knows the way because it is still developing. (But I think now is already improved) and there is already a signs and guides on way. And more payment for now because it improves a lot!

Indeed, trekking is not easy if you don’t prepare yourself well in many hours of climbing, walking and running. You really need to become physically healthy and if you have any conditions you need to assure yourself that you can do it.
Well, I’m not perfectly healthy so my partner makes sure we can reach the peak together. I have so much complains if when will we reached, what time exactly and how many hills can we pass before reaching the destination. Haha

                    Trekking is real!!! :)

Lesson learned to be applied on next trekking:
  1. Wear trekking shoes and comfy clothes.
  2. Bring only the important things!! You can bring 3 extra shirts and face towels.
  3. For food: bring only canned goods and ready to eat foods and water!
  4. Don’t drink liquor!! HAHAHA (believe me, you will not fully enjoy the tour on the next day) DRUNK AND HANGOVER!!!


PS: Capture everything! J


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