Friday, 28 April 2017

Sarangani Province Capitol

The Sarangani Province is the largest province in region 12. In we took a little tour on ther main capitol in Alabel, Sarangani Province.

This was during the Munato Festival that they celebrate every month of December. Many activities are here. Check my last blog for more info (Sarangani Province)


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Sanchez Peak - SOX

We climb this peak last 2015 (Sanchez Peak 2015) , and because of this beautiful nature I cannot stop myself taking pictures. Our country is rich in paradise-ish place. I cannot also wait to explore every single spots in it.

Fresh wind, cool breeze, green surroundings and many insects and animals that you seldom saw in zoos or city areas are here in this mountain. They are taken good care by the villagers and care takers.
It is much better to tour and experience virgin places that is not yet over polluted and crowded by the people and environment because that’s the time you can realize how wonderful the world is before it is damage and abusively used,

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Reality ft. Asian

Every place has different kind of real situations and mostly you can find it in non-focus area of tourism and it should be prioritize by the government.

Some of my captures are not about the priorities and other government issues but this is about reality in everyday lives of Asians inside or outside the country.

It’s more dramatic when you capture stolen and random photos and it gives life and meaning in your own way, there is no bad or correct perception.

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Mt. Sabrina – General Santos City

Affordable and relaxed staycation for summer and other occasions. The food, pool, Gensan-view area, rooms, convention and open halls, and wide land area is perfect for everyone to feel being a tourist in region 12.

Mt. Sabrina is a city themed resort where Gensan known as Tuna capital of the Philippines. The pool area is a fish shaped design that signifies the city’s trade mark.


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Mt. Sabrina - Food Menu

Favorite dishes of Filipinos are only located in Philippines. The taste, presentation, ambiance and service is perfect if you are in Philippines.

Mt. Sabrina is located in Region 12 – Mindanao, Philippines. It is a high mountain type of resort and staycation type for summer or any kind of occasions. Their food is perfect and the relaxation that they can provide is super 100% J


 I am not a fan of Kare-kare but I am a fan of bagoong/alamang. hahaha

 Beef Steak - Lechong Kawali - Pancit Bihon

Moon of Desire

I have this hobby of shooting different moods of the moon. And I really took my time and money to achieve this photos and I want more and the improved one; time for waiting and money for spending that equipment that can help me to achieve what I want for this photos.

I am a fan of vampire, werewolves, horror, thriller movies and tv series maybe that’s why I’m obsessed at the moon so much. Haha
Here I am again with the random photography. Just bear with me! ;) haha

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Kalilangan Festival 2015

General Santos City celebrates two types of festival; tuna festival every September and kalilangan festival every February.

Kalilangan is a Maguindanaon term meaning celebration, commemoration or festivities. Kalilangan is also an ethnic and tribe festival in Soccsksargen SOX. Speaking of SOX, this is a short term for Region 12’s SOCCSKSARGEN. This term is used for tourism tag line in the region.
The design and costumes are inspired by the culture and tradition of the region. Creativeness of each contestants will be tested during the final set and they will never fail everyone on what will you expect in every cultural festival.



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Fireworks Display - Gensan

Best place to take fireworks in good angle? Not in front of the area but 1-2km away from the area. Find a good spot in high places and set-up your equipments J

Shooting fireworks is one of the types of photography that you need to focus while taking photos. You must also aware of the camera’s settings which one is the good set-up because fireworks photography is a continuous type of shots.

Editing pictures are the fun part after the struggle photo shoot. Haha
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