Thursday, 27 April 2017

Beach Life in Philippines Ft. Region 12 Mindanao

It is more fun in the Philippines. The beaches in Philippines are more like paradise than what did you expect. This is the hidden treasure of the country that you really need to explore and can be found mostly in provinces.

It makes me excited every time I saw beach and can’t stop myself taking pictures.
Sunrise @ Tropicana Beach Resort Region 12 - Mindanao

Because of the clouds, background and time the mood of the photos are heavier and makes the set-up special. In photography, you can create a simple picture into unique and meaningful one J

Tropicana Sunrise setting
 Tropicana has good and perfect set up for sunrise and sunset shooting because region 12 is full of mountains and beaches.

Florencia Beach Resort - Sarangani Province Region 12 Mindanao

Florencia Resort is a virgin beach that they are still improving located sarangani province. White sand beach resort and also known for mangrooves and rocky nature.

PS: Don’t stop clicking! J

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