Friday, 14 April 2017

Ferry Tour - Marina Adventure DXB

It was a good experience to try the ferry tour at Dubai Marina. The ferry tour has two types of ticket, the silver and  gold; which is for me there is no difference on the views and experience that you will get. J

We avail the silver ticket – 50dhs where you can sit at the center to back area near to back deck.

Once the ferry departs that’s the time you can go at the back deck to look the all over view from outside.

We are really looking forward to have a tour from Marina to Ghubaiba but its okay at least we have next plan to look forward to. A 60 minutes route from Pier 7 (at the back of Marina Mall) to End of the Palm which is the Atlantis.

Tourists and locals are present at this kind of season because summer is approaching and that’s the time you can enjoy the views and to-do’s between the season of winter and summer.

Another check on the bucket list - Atlantis The Palm
After the 60 minute ferry tour you can start strolling around Marina and you can have better views from afternoon to evening.

Travel Guide:
  • Metro Station  - UAE Exchange lane from Al Jafiliya MS; stop at Jumeirah Lake Towers MS (much nearer than DAMAC Properties MS) and walk around 15-20minutes to Pier 7 at the back of Marina Mall.
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers MS or DAMAC Properties MS  - way back to your place
PS: Only Metro Station is the easiest transportation if you don’t have your personal car J
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