Friday, 21 April 2017

Mass Demo Competition - Mindanao State University Gensan 2014

Mindanao State University - Gensan

Annual mass dance competition is present in every intramurals. Seven colleges will compete - College of Engineering | College of Education | College of Business & Administration | College of Social Sciences and Humanities | College of Fisheries | Colleg of Natural Sciences & Mathematics | College of Agriculture.

Each collegees will prepare a unique presentations according to the theme of the annual intramurals. This will happen every first or last day of the event. Many people are looking forward to this big competition. It will test all the creativeness, uniqueness, strength and sportsmanship of the students.

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

I am fond on capturing pictures most especially if it is cultural, ethnic and street dancing competition with colorful props and outfits.
I’m a province girl that’s why I used to watch this kind of events.




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