Friday, 14 April 2017

Sheikh Zayed Road - Midnight Jog

When you are living in a city, you don't have no choice but to exercise and jog at the city area. haha Anyway, it is good also while exercising because you can also see all the view of buildings, busy streets and twinkling city lights. :)

We went to Emirates tower - Sheikh Zayed Road to run and walk - and ended to Union Coop to buy something to drink and go home.
Emirates tower -  back side
Everytime we went out, we never forget to bring our camera so even exercising we take photos while resting. haha

Perks of living in a city. All you can have as quickly as possible are buildings. haha. You will take much effort to go out-of-town to relax and unwind ;)

Xoxo, Mi amor 💕


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