Friday, 9 June 2017

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is located at the Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is a great experience to discover the historical events, collection and environment in one place. This is our first step to try this kind of adventure and it is fun. (so expect us to try another place’s museum haha )

Dubai Museum Entrance

It only cost 3 dirhams each to enter the museum. There is indoor and outdoor gallery but what amazed us most are the indoor real-life galleries of locals which explain that the Dubai encounters hardship and perseverance before it becomes the largest and most populous city in the UAE.

Outdoor Gallery of Dubai Museum

Both galleries are well-maintained and incredible from the transportation that they are using before, shelter and historical artifacts. The calmness of the museum helps you relaxed as well as entertained while discovering about Dubai. Indoor gallery has its own monitored shows on every product. Creepy but welcoming – that’s what I can say inside the walking museum. Creepy because I’m afraid in the dark, the sound effects are all around the place and there is man-made statue of locals and mini-location of the areas.

Outside the museum there is a large boat between the entrance and exit of the area.

Travel Guide:
  •  From Al Satwa - Bus C9 and stop to Old Deira Bus Stop
  •  Nearest Metro Station - Al Ras / Al Ghubaiba MS 1 / Al Ghubaiba MS 2 / Al Fahidi MS

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