Friday, 23 June 2017

Mall tour for Summer in DXB : IBN Battuta Mall

This is my most favorite malls in Dubai, the IBN Battuta Mall. This is one of the biggest malls in Dubai and you better visit it if you are here. IBN Battuta Mall is divided into (I think) four different concepts of countries of the world, the China, India, Egypt and Tunisia. (correct me if I am wrong) haha

Too many people in malls nowadays because it is summer; six months of summer season in Dubai are really dehydrating if you will go have some outdoor activities. This is the time to enjoy the strolling and shopping at different malls and discover their interior uniqueness.

Yes, it’s obvious! This is my most favorite part here in IBN, the Tunisia corner. Haha As you can see I am the only who has solo pictures.  Sorry not sorry. Haha I’m excited to visit this part since I am a fan of some old style or historical places. The clouds, structures and designs are perfect!!

Egypt! We really want to go here! Maybe someday. But right now we will experience the Egypt-like experience in IBN. The best part in IBN is that the interior and exterior are fully design according to its theme.

The third part is the India themed part. The cultural and significant in India is here and you can really feel that you think you skip from next place to another. IBN never fails us to amaze!



And the last part is the China. Well, I’m really into Chinese tradition style, design and they have more cultural motif. And I think the Chinese Village in IBN is the largest part of the mall. This is my second favorite! We took more pictures here since I am obsessed with traditional Korean-like, Chinese-like and Japanese-like designs. Haha
Visiting IBN while shopping is one of the most relaxing spots in Dubai because 1. Not crowded 2. Entertaining and relaxing and 3. I couldn’t ask for more!  Almost all of my fave spots are here!

Thanks IBN for the 5 stars experience!! J

 Travel Guide:
- IBN Battuta Metro Station (To UAE Exchange)

Xoxo, Mi amor 💕


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