Friday, 21 July 2017

Cheap destinations in Dubai

When I’m saying cheap travel this is literally cheap. We are really on budget every time we travel. Sometimes we will only let our money slide on transportation, dinner and at least not more than 5 dirham entrance fee. We are fond on discovering new sites that are cheaper but worth it. And if we want a trip that will cost much, we will have at least a month or two to prepare and set everything. As far as our adventure go, the cheap destinations that we went to never fails us to amaze. Here are the lists of cheap travel destination in Dubai:

  • The Dubai Fountain – free dance fountain show every 30 min. Labeled as the world’s largest choreographed fountain.
  • Dubai Aquarium – this aquarium is visible in 2 floors of Dubai Mall. It is free if you will just enjoy and take pictures from outside. But the tour inside with Underwater Zoo has its own fee.
  • Sega Worldtouring around this entertainment place in Dubai Mall is free, no entrance fee or anything but once you want to play and ride that’s the time you need to pay for the price.
  • Burj Khalifa – you are free to take picture with the tallest building in the world at its base from Dubai Fountain in Dubai Mall.
  • Abra Ridewaterway transportation that only cost 1 dirham per ticket in Old Dubai.
  • Dubai Museum - at 3 dirham for adult and 1 dirham for children you can experience the historical crafts and story of Dubai.
  • The Beach JBRan open beach where you can enjoy and relax while swimming under the sun. After swimming you can troll around the fancy murals of The Walk JBR.
  • Burj Al Arabthe first 7 star-hotel in the world. You can take a picture of it from outside or from Umm Suqueim Beach.
  • Kite Beach - an open beach near the Burj Al Arab. There is also a corniche beside the ocean for you to exercise.
  • The Dubai Canalopen canal for you to relax. You better watch the waterfall and enjoy the sea water breeze from the canal at Business Bay.
  • The City Walk European-inspired open mall that you can stroll. Be stunned at their artsy murals and designs.
  • Madinat Jumeirah – luxury at its best but this is an open Arabian citadel that you will enjoy to stroll at souks and the view is astonishing.
  • The Box Park - you must enjoy the colorful murals, restaurants and open-park for luxury and entertainment.
  • Dubai Marinayachts, buildings and restaurants are everywhere. Walk around the marina and enjoy the view.
  • Mall Tour malls in Dubai has its own way to entertain tourists, from interior designs, shopping stores and restaurants.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Umm Suqeim Beach Park

Umm Suqeim park is an open beach near the 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab. The summer here in Dubai is not your ordinary summer. If you really want to go to the beach better early in the morning or sunset hours. Yes, the water is warm and it feels like you are in a sauna or hot spas.

There are few cottages available but almost all of the people are having the picnic style activity near the shore. Toilets and showers are available and free. And busses for public transportation are present but you must know the route that you are going.
Xoxo, Mi amor 💕

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Friday, 14 July 2017

Uling at Parilya

Another kind of food trip night on our way while searching for new restaurants in Dubai. Uling at Parilya is the new trend in Satwa Dubai because of its unique Filipino restaurant interior design. All staffs are Filipino and the foods are all about you missed from Philippines.

The vibe is cool and relaxing. They have different kind of foods in the menu but again we choose to have the seafood boodle fight. Haha we love to eat especially the boodle-like foods. There are good for two – five in one boodle.

I think this is the first branch of Uling at Parilya in Dubai.

Located at Manila Building – near Jollibee and La Mesa Restaurant.

Friday, 7 July 2017

JBR - The Beach #SummerBeatTheHeat

Since it’s already summer, dipping under the sea water and shades is one of our goals. Summer here in Dubai is not like your ordinary summer since the temperature is rising every single day. You better experience the morning, noon, afternoon and evening during summer so you can differentiate physically and emotionally what is warm and hot. Haha

Jumeirah Beach Residence – The Beach is an open beach and one of the best places to chill!  All access is here! From beach, restaurants, hotels and entertainments. This is a must-visit destination here in Dubai. During summer, almost all of the tourist and residents starts their strolling and chilling around 3PM – midnight. It is not advisable to go out between 10AM – 3PM because the heat rays of the sun are surreal!

There’s a toilet booth at the nearest beach that cost – 5 dirhams per shower and it will take 1 minute and 30 & you can also change and use the toilet in the said booth.
Honestly, we are more tired changing and showering rather than swimming and enjoying the warm beach water. Haha This is why we feel so exhausted and sleepy after the activity. No more energy to stroll and it is better to go home and sleep as early as we can. Haha
Enjoy the view in Marina at night

  • If you want to go by bus from Al Satwa – Take bus 88 (Dubai Internet City) stop at Beach Center Bus stop then wait for Bus 8 (IBN Battuta Mall) and stop at Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 (JBR 1) and lastly walk for about 10 minutes to The Beach.
    PS:  If you want to experience a little tour from Al Satwa – Jumeirah – Marina you can try this transpo and have some patience because you will stop for at least 28 bus stop stations. Hahaha
  • BUT if you want the direct one, you better take METRO! Haha  Stop at DAMAC Properties MS and take tram to JBR. :D

Xoxo, Mi amor 💕