Friday, 18 August 2017

Food Diary: Hopo Asian Hotpot Dishes

So this week is all about food! Yaaay! :D

New Asian cuisine restaurant is open at Manila building, Al Satwa Dubai. We had our 20% discount each during the soft opening and it’s a blast! The venue is excellent since it’s on the part of Dubai where almost all Filipino are staying. And we all know that Filipinos are crazy about food! (Guilty! :p)

The restaurant offers buffet, shabu-shabu, unlimited drinks and meal deals. But the most common on their menu is the buffet that costs 49 dirhams each and it’s all set from main course, dessert, shabu-shabu and drinks.

FOOD: As far as what I ate, all foods are Filipino dishes from plain and fried rice, viands, shabu-shabu’s ingredients and soup, desserts and drinks. Everything on the counter was great!!

STAFF: Very accommodating and approachable.

THE RESTAURANT: I love the logo! The exterior design is same as in Nobu, while the interior design is like a Japanese - Chinese inspired restaurant.

OVERALL: I believe in First impression lasts so definitely we will definitely come back soon

Here is our VLOG for HOPO Restaurant

Xoxo, Mi amor 💕


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