Friday, 11 August 2017

Things you need to know before travelling to Dubai

When you are first time in Dubai, you need to know what are the basic Do’s and Don’ts while staying for vacation or work. Dubai is not a democratic country and you need to follow the Muslim and Sharia law whereas the law and culture are very different from Western laws. Once you are in other place or country, it is respectful to abide by the laws of the place you are visiting. Here are the lists that you need to remember:

When in Public

  •  Men are not allowed in women and children cabin while in public transportation such as Metro and Bus.
  • Men must wear top unless they are on the beach/at the pool as well as women can wear bikinis. This swim wear should not be worn in any other area outside the beach, water parks or swimming pools.
  • You should dress conservatively.
  • Kissing, holding hands and cuddling are not allowed.
  •  Playing loud music (e.g. Bus, Metro, Park, any public areas)
  • No drink and drive
  • Tattooed man should cover up the part with dress if it has offensive image or slogans.
  • No dancing in public areas.
  • Don’t take any photos of strangers and official buildings.
Common Things to Remember
  • Weekends are from Thursday to Saturday, not Friday to Sunday.
  • The Islamic call to prayer is 5 times a day and open to public speaker systems. Don’t worry its normal!
  • Night life in Dubai is normally in swanky hotels where clubs are located.
  • Drugs are strictly forbidden.
  • Unmarried couples cohabiting are illegal.
  • Pornography and pornographic images in media and websites are banned.
  • Working without proper visa is illegal.
  •  Drive if you have international driving license
  • Locate the embassy of your country and information for emergency purposes
  • Use right hand to greet someone, give or accept something
  • Always bring and keep safe all your passport, visa, money and important documents.
During Ramadan Season

  • Expect different city during Ramadan
  • You cannot eat, drink, chew gum, or smoke in public daylight. Nothing is permitted to pass through the mouth between sunrise and sunset.
  • Many restaurants are closed during day but some has screen in the windows to prevent passersby from seeing inside.
  • Dress more conservatively.
  • Iftar night buffets are everywhere.
  • At the end of the Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr follows which has three-day festival where families exchange gifts and public events are everywhere.
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