Thursday, 30 November 2017

20 Realization on my 20’s

Being in the stage of 20’s is different from teenage life. 20’s makes you laugh, cry, ambitious,
cringe and give up. BUT! This is the best part of your life so embrace it. You will learn lot of
things and makes you grow more as individual. At 20’s, reality comes to your life. These are the
lists of my realization on my adulthood life.

  1. Failing is not a bad thing. We fail more than once and feel like our life is a pack of
    garbage. Don’t ever think about that. You have to brush yourself off and learn from your
    mistakes. Keep going and keep failing; and you will know how far you get and realize
    that you figured out how to get through the sh*t all by yourself – and that’s the best
    feeling in life!
  2. Many things, events and situations will break your heart. You are not being emotional
    or over-dramatic. It’s normal! It does not mean that you are broken because of your
    partner but also because of your pet, friends, job, or activities. Since there are many
    things in our life that we have no control over whatsoever.
  3. Quality over quantity. As we grow older, quality is more important than quantity while
    collecting and buying personal stuffs. You rather have a branded or two than buying a
    12 pair unbranded of your 100 dollar.
  4. You will learn how to budget and live on your own. Teenage life under your parents
    expenses are over. Welcome to the real world! You used to think that you will earn a lot
    of money but it is not that much once you’ve got your own bills and its stunning how
    your paycheck will disappear in a short amount of time. :D You will also learn how to be
    and cope up with debt. Hello ramen, eggs and canned goods for a while! Haha
  5. You will realize the importance of moving away from home. “I will move out at this
    place and live alone” that’s what you are thinking before and you rarely appreciate your
    home and town. But once you leave your comfort zone, it becomes different. Every time
    you go home for holidays and vacation you surely miss everything. The warm food, pet,
    people, feeling, and old place – all of this will become meaningful.
  6. There are some changes on your drinking habit. When you are still in University,
    drinking five times a week is cool! Hangovers are for weak! You can still wake up, study,
    and attend classes and feels like a Drunkard Princess who is standing in front of the
    school. But after 5 years of drinking and hangovers, I realize that it really changes my
    drinking habit. I seldom drink and I prefer more to watch movies and to have food after
    work. Alcohol isn’t really great as it used to be but I will enjoy once in a while.
  7. Health is Wealth. I am not healthy since the day I was born, not physically fit and get
    used to hospitalize. But I don’t think this much when I was young since my parents are
    more focused on my health. But now, I realize that it is not easy to take care of yourself
    particularly if you are like me (Asthma, Rhinitis, Cold and Flu prone, Allergies).
    Maintenance and emergency situation takes my time, budget and worries. At once, I am
    more focused on what I ate, drink and activities since I am living away from my family
    and my health becomes more important than anything else.
  8. You stop wishing to grow older. When you are still young, you are dreaming to become
    18 and when you are 18 you’re in a rush to become 23 and now you are 20’s who start
    to pay your own bill, grow faster and experiencing the actuality, the cliché of life is
    approaching “you want to stop or slow down the reality to grow”.
  9. Physical and mental change: Do & Don’t like. Simplicity is growing to your system.
    Being a teenager tests you what are your first interests in life, you mostly like everyone
    and everything! But while growing up, you know already how to identify what you like
    and hate from clothing, collection, people and interests. (E.g. heels turn to flats, jeans to
    jeggings). You stop caring what people think of you and it changes your life principle and
    beliefs. And lastly, you accept imperfection and realize that life will get messy, but it’s a
    beautiful mess and it’s all yours.
  10. Friends are easy to find but real friends are hard to keep. Friends are everywhere while
    real friends are once in a lifetime. I have a lot of set of friends from pre-school to work
    but I have only few who I can rely on and I call them my best friends. As you grow older,
    you don’t care if you have many or few set of friends because the important thing is you
    have a person you can trust and depend on through thick and thin like they are your
    siblings from other mother and father. 
  11. Spoil and love yourself. Once for a while you need to treat yourself. Being 20’s is not all
    about work and focusing for future. Don’t forget that being in this stage we are still
    young and we have the right to enjoy and spoil ourselves. And before entering to a
    relationship, you need first to learn how to understand and love yourself. Since a
    successful relationship comes from understanding and love with each other.
  12. Learn how to say NO! Say no to those people who:
     Don’t respect you
     Who are abusive
     Who takes advantage of your goodness
     And people who don’t deserve a yes.
    I’m a friendly person and cool to be with but once I realize your motives and if
    you are one of them, that’s the time I will get away from you. This kind of character
    molds me more when I reached my 20’s. I’m aware who is real or not. The more you
    consider their actions, the more they don’t care about you, they will not respect you
    and they will manipulate and abuse you. Saying NO is not a bad thing and it doesn’t
    make you a bad person but it will make you strong, smart and happy one.
  13. You can’t please everyone. When we were young, we want the person we love is to like
    and love us back. We were eager and focused on pleasing them. We are utterly happy if
    they are okay playing, talking and hanging out with us. But when you grow older, your
    big world will become small and you will realize it never easy to please everyone. You
    will become more comfortable on your own space. And your life would be better if you
    had fewer people in your circle. Most people are more poisonous than anything else.
  14. Things happen because you make them happen. Before I believe that “anything happen
    for a reason” yes there is a reason but you make it happen not because you just let your
    destiny slides it. Once you become an adult, you are responsible on your decisions,
    actions and fate. This is not just luck but you make all of it happen because you have
    your own plan and reasons.
  15. Genuineness is the main point. Being real is not easy once you’re an adult. Saying what
    you want, doing what you want and being confident in every decision you make. Some
    will think that you are being so sassy but it is important to make yourself comfortable in
    every life gives you. Remember, being authentic can strengthen your wisdom,
    confidence, happiness and satisfaction because that’s the key that will set you free.
  16. You will not look forward for a big birthday party after 21. The debut and birthday
    parties are over. You only want a simple dinner with family and friends, sleep-over,
    talking and chilling during your adulthood birthday bash. Time flies so fast when you
    turn 20’s, birthday after birthday will not notice that you are growing.
  17. Parents are always right. Sometime it’s hard to admit that our parents are right in a lot
    of things. When we were young we always ignore their advices, talks and experiences
    since we are not interested. But now, it seems like everything is nostalgic, you will
    remember every words they said and apply it to your current situations. How cliché it is
    but its real!
  18. You never feel like an ADULT. Your age is rising but your actions are still like a teenager.
    Maybe when you are around with your family and friends like nothings change. But if
    you are at work or with business people that’s the time you will change, but deep inside
    you are sassy as teenager is.
  19. Past is over. You need to go forward and learn from everything. Continue or apply the
    things you reflect and you have to let go every “what if’s”, “what could have been”, and
    so on. Make everything as a memory and challenge – good or bad, you must focus on
    present and future.
  20. You are thinking so hard about future. You are also afraid what will happen next. You
    keep on planning and dreaming what will be the possible thing will occur if you fail or
    become successful. But then number 14 will take place, you make your own luck. 
       Xoxo, Mi amor 💕