∞ Aris and Nicay ∞


“First love never dies.” We do believe in magic. We’ve been together since 1st year high school (2007-present); on and off during our high school age maybe because we are still young at that moment but we keep on coming back to each other. We didn’t experience the courting stage because we are friends since then and we are the secret couple as far as we know. Haha
One day, we asked each other, “What are we?” because before we don’t have any label  but we know that we have something special on each other’s life. J
After all those experiences and challenges that we’ve been through, here we are standing and leading the path of our future together.
(Left Picture)
Throwback from year 2009 - 2013.
*We don't have any pics from 2007-2008 :(

Name: Monica Perez
N-name: Nicay
Birthday: February 17,1994
Instagram Account: @nicaaayperez
Email Account: nicayp@gmail.com

Name: Aristotle Velasco
N-name: Aris
Birthday: November 03,1993
Instagram Account: @aristotlevelasco

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We love to hangout in new places and explore what’s in it and search some interesting things to do. Exploring and travelling is what we love the most. Going out to the places that we are not familiar with is what we are expecting and looking forward to because it is challenging; from transportation to our destination. J
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