We are the “TEAM AMAZING” J

Together with our best buddies, we create a team every time we have photo session projects. We have a complete set of members:
  • Make-up and Hairstylist – Jayne
  • Video blogger – Harlem Jude (insert youtube acnt) (you can also visit his youtube account)
  • Assistant – Aris
  • Photographer – Nicay
  • Model/Wardrobe Asst. – Ellen

See? Haha we are all best friends and we really enjoy each other’s company and the more projects we have , the more we have time to hang out with each other, because due to our schedules and activities, we only see each other on unplanned trips and projects. Haha


When we are working there is no pressure. We just need to enjoy our trip and hobby. Please watch our vlogs J

These guys are our bestfriends. We really click at each other and the best part? We support each other's careers and trip. haha our friendship together are more than 7 years  and we know that we will be forever friends and bro's and sis :)

Vlog of our dear best friend: The09HARLEM

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